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Ala Nui
Used/中古 コンディションgood

01.Conque (Adios Caballero) - vocal:Del Beazley
02.Hi` ilawe - voval: John Cruze
03.Green Rose Hula - vocal:Del Beazley
04.Kalena - vocal:Mel Amina
05.Na Ka Puero - vocal: Analu Aina
06.Reincarnation spoken word - (narration) : Ken Makuakane
07.Let`s Talk Dirty In Hawaiian - vocal:Kaipo Deguair
08.Another Satuday - vocal :Ernie Cruze,Jr.
09.Feeling Alright - vocal: John Cruze
10.Well What Did You Expect? - (Percussion: Mike Muldoon)

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◆Ala Nui:
.Ernie Cruze,Jr.
.Del Beazley
.Mel Amina
.John Cruze
.Ken Makuakane
.Analu Aina
.Kaipo Deguair