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A Night Before Christams with Kapena and Wiile K
01.The C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Song [Kapena] - 4:00
02.Silent Night [Wiile K.] - 4:13
03.Christmas Without You [Kapena] - 4:30
04.Little Drummer Boy/Ring Your Christmas Bells [Wiile K.] - 5:13
05.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - 3:37
06.O Holy Night (Po Hemolele) [Kapena] - 6:11
07.Merry Christmas [Wiile K.] - 5:17
08.Do You Hear What I Heae [Kapena] - 3:28
09.White Christmas [Kapena] - 4:30
10.Aloha Kalikimaka [Wiile K.] - 3:16

★Island Christmas
1993Copyright year (out of print)
☆.Kelly Boy Del Lima: 6-string `ukulele, vocals
☆.Tivaini Tatofi: bass guitar, vocals
☆.Teimoni Tatofi: 6-string guitar, vocals
☆.Wille K: 12-string guitar, electric guitar, steel guitar, `ukulele, key, vocals
■Guest Musicians:
.Jamie Young: keyborads
.Elton McKeague: acostic drums
.Guy McKeague: acostic drums, background vocals
■Guest Vocals
.Leolani De Lima: on 05,
■Background Vocals<
.Debbie Ashimine, .Wade Nakaya, .Don Lopez,
.Gaylen Aina, .Kelly Boy De Lima, .Leolani De Lima,