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On A Coconut Island: Music Of Hawaii
中古 コンディションgood

01.Honolulu March [Palakiko & Paaluhi]
02.On A Cononut Island (vocal) [Louis Armstrong]
03.Wela-Ka-Hao [Segis Luvaun]
04.My Girl From The South Seas Isles (vocal) [Benny Nawai]
05.He Aloha No O Honolulu (vocal) [Tau Moe]
06.Pue Carnation [Kanui & Lula[
07.Hawaiian Love (vocal) [Felix Mendelssohn]
08.Tau Tiare Iti (vocal) [Les "Tamarii Tahiti"]
09.Les Femmes D'Amerique (vocal) [George Archer]
10.He Ono (vocal) [Sol K Bright]
11.Black Boy Blues [Benny Nawai]
12.Maui Waltz [Felix Mendelssohn]
13.Paahana (vocal) [Dick Mclutire]
14.Papio (vocal) [George Archer]
15.Papio (vocal) [Augie Goupil]
16.Malihini Mele (vocal) [Tau Moe]
17.Va'lii [Tau Moe]
18.My Golden Baby [Tau Moe]
19.Tahiti O Tera (vocal) [Augie Goupil]
20.Mokihana (vocal) [Augie Goupil]
21.Maui Girl (vocal) [Andy Iona]
22.Minne(vocal) [Andy Iona]
23Palolo (vocal) [Ray Kinney]
24.Ke Ka Upu (vocal) [Ray Kinney]

★Vintage Acoustic Steel Guitar
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